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Socio-Emotional Learning

Socio-Emotional Learning Through Real-Life Stories and First-Hand Interactions 

Socio-Emotional Competencies that Students Can Develop Through DigiPals

By connecting students around the globe, DigiPals provides an excellent opportunity for students to develop socio-emotional competencies in an authentic environment through active learning.


When learning first-hand via a global audience and interacting with students from diverse backgrounds with differing perspectives, students are more likely to believe, absorb and grasp stories and information. By attaching meaning and connecting to these stories and perspectives, they will build up their socio-emotional competencies. 


SEVEN socio-emotional competencies that students can develop through DigiPals:

  1. EMPATHY: students build empathy through learning and understanding other people’s stories and gaining knowledge first-hand.

  2. RESPECT: students gain respect for people, ideas and beliefs through getting to know others and understanding their lives. 

  3. CURIOSITY: Students become more curious about the world around them and more open-minded to new perspectives.

  4. SELF-AWARENESS: students recognise their emotions and values and work on expressing themselves when describing stories about themselves, giving their perspectives, and informing others about who they are and where they are from.   

  5. COLLABORATION: students improve collaboration skills by gaining experience and learning how to form positive relationships and collaborate efficiently and effectively with people of different backgrounds, customs, cultures, and lifestyles and work styles.

  6. COMMUNICATION:  students build communication skills through global collaboration, expressing their opinions and beliefs, and also discovering appropriate ways to communicate. 

  7. REFLECTION: Students learn from each other by reflecting on the responses they receive from their DigiPal. As they absorb the new information and comprehend everything, they build a more well-rounded perception. Through reflection, they also compare and contrast their world to their partner’s world and become more understanding, appreciative and non-judgemental humans. 


Alignment with Educational Standards

These seven socio-emotional learning competencies gained from using DigiPals are aligned to multiple academic standards and criteria, including:


  • Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

  • Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS)

  • International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

  • International Baccalaureate Organization Standards (IB)

  • Social Justice Standards - The Teaching Tolerance Anti-Bias Framework

  • Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning  (CASEL)

  • American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)

Click on the standards below to see how you can use DigiPals to improve students' Socio-Emotional Learning in relation to these academic standards.


If you do not see your school’s standards listed here, reach out by email or click here and we’d be happy to share how DigiPals aligns to your school’s standards.

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