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January 2020

As a teacher, my goal has always been to provide a learning environment for my students that is engaging, based on inquiry, and authenticity.  If I can extend that learning beyond the walls of my classroom, that is even better.  DigiPals has provided opportunities that allow me to provide educational experiences for my students that hits the mark in all areas.

The people at DigiPals are kind and friendly and in frequent communication with me.  It feels like I am communicating with a friend.  They understand the urgency of matching people together and work very hard to find the right teachers to work together.  They have gone above and beyond to provide this amazing experience for my students and me.

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Andrea Weikum

6th grade English Teacher

Horizon Middle School

Bismarck, ND, USA

Andrea's classes were matched with classes in:

France, Latvia and Kazakhstan

January 2020

I'm so pleased that I found Sophie and DigiPals. I had been looking for a while for a school to link up with securely. Sophie provided a fantastic and friendly service and found a perfect match of an American college for our French pupils. Their writing skills have improved so much thanks to this fun penpal project and as a teacher I am able to knit in any classroom theme into the letters which evolve along with their understanding. Thank you very much Sophie, I would definitely recommend!

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Tina Starks

English Teacher

Academie Nantes


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December 2019

 This is my first experience with DigiPals, and I just do not have enough positive things to say about the experience! I have shared with teachers at my school as well as in a teacher Facebook group.  Thank you all so much for all you do!  This will be such an unforgettable experience for my students! You have provided a service that I have searched for and wanted for my students, but hadn’t been able to find until now. Not only are my students improving their reading and writing skills and learning the importance of proper grammar, but we are also teaching them to be global-minded.  

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Shanna Towery

6th grade teacher

Palmetto Middle School


Shanna's class was matched with a class in:


January 2020

After accessing your website, I had the chance to contact Emma (at DigiPals). A nice, wise woman who gives a hand to anyone in need of help. Well, I'm very satisfied with the service because I asked for specific criteria and everything was outstanding. Now I have my students' penpal friends from Turkey and also I have a new friend too (their teacher). Thank you for everything, and happily waiting for other pen pals. 

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English Teacher


Kaoutar's class was matched with a class in:


January 2020

Thank you for your guide to bring Moroccan and Turkish teachers and students together. We are penpals now.  Just sent common interests and started writing to each other. 


You are a great organization and would love to go on working together with other hopes and friendships.

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English Teacher


Nese's class was matched with a class in:


January 2020

Everything started before Xmas and students were very excited about the idea of having pen pals. DigiPals introduced us to our partners from Ohio, USA and Michele (my partner teacher) and I have been sharing their letters since then.

Things are running smoothly and my students look forward to keeping in touch.

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Maria Aires

6th grade teacher

EBS Canelas School, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

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February 2020

Before DigiPals, Finding a committed teacher with the same interests regarding an actual digital exchange with students is not easy. In fact, this is my second year trying to find colleagues interested in my project and, so far, the experience hasn’t been very positive. At the beginning, they all seem very enthusiastic, but soon they start ignoring deadlines, carrying out different activities to the ones we had previously agreed, etc. The way I see it, we teachers want to make our students’ learning process more meaningful by offering them the chance to communicate in real-life situations (which is good), but sometimes this means too much work or we lack time. 

Anyways, in January I was looking for a new partner and Emma (from DigiPals) messaged telling me about a possible partner. That was really easy. I just gave her my contact, she gave me my partner’s and after a couple of days we had everything arranged. My colleague and I have already exchanged the first emails and my students are happy. I hope hers are happy too.

From the very beginning I felt safe using the service since that’s what Emma kindly aimed. I think this is a very enriching experience for everyone in class, not only students but also teachers, since we can exchange teaching ideas too. 

I would definitely recommend this service to other mates, and if fact I will. 

Thank you very much for your help. 



English Teacher

Institut Baix Camp High School


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May 2020

This service offers great opportunity for teachers around the world to connect their students with international ones. Before even starting the process, my students were very happy and curious about the idea of exchanging emails with new friends. Technically speaking, DigiPals is not only free but also fast and efficient. The teacher does not wait too much before the team finds him the right partner. I recommend this website for teachers who would like their students to practice English through an unconventional enjoyable method.


Amina Ali

English Teacher


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June 2020

The website has been very helpful. I had a tough time finding school partnerships in order to run the programme. 

However, Digipals made it all easy and thanks to you and your efficiency, my kids now are having a great time talking to their friends from Italy. They told me so much great new knowledge they obtained from their friendships.


Thank you so much Digipals!



English Teacher


Diana's class was matched with a class in:


June 2020

Once upon a time there was a teacher. An English teacher. She lived in Ukraine. That teacher always said "If you know English, you can talk to other people all over the world!"


One day she left a comment on Facebook to find penfriends for her students. After a few days a woman texted her about it and it was the beginning of the great story for the English teacher and her students!


A few weeks later her students wrote their first letters to their pen friends in another country! It was amazing!


That woman is Sophie from  DigiPals and that teacher is writing this short story now to thank Sophie and her great team for their great work! This is my way to say thank you! 


My kids and I have great penfriends from Estonia and Check Republic now. We wrote the letters, but now because of pandemic, we have online meetings, it's just like another level! Thank you for that!


Best wishes here and a lot of love,

a very happy teacher Olena



English Teacher 


Olena's classes were matched with classes in:

 Estonia and Czech Republic

July 2020

I highly recommend this project.

The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful.

If you believe in this opportunity for your students, you should try it!

It’s a very effective tool!



Cinzia Muci 

Project Manager

Easy Language English School


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July 2020

My 7th graders in Sri Lanka truly enjoyed their DigiPals experience! Though they were stuck inside for months due to country-wide curfew restrictions, the DigiPals program still made it possible for them to make new friends across the globe, despite the unique circumstances. Outside of the class assignments, many penpals became true friends and would even video call each other and play some of their favorite video games together after the school day. My students were so grateful for this opportunity to bring new perspectives into our learning journey in an unexpected and engaging way. I would very much love to work with DigiPals in the future!


Chelsea Prehn

English Teacher

English Teacher

Sri Lanka

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June 2020

This program has been wonderful for our students.  They have enjoyed the interaction and it has given them a real audience for their writing. 


I truly plan to register again for the 2020-21 school year.  Thank you for providing this service.  It is especially enriching for students to meet students from another country.  It really opened up our perspectives beyond Southeast Asia.


Rebecca Metcalfe

English Teacher


Rebecca's class was matched with a class in:


July 2020

Dear DigiPals Team

Greetings from India

Indeed it was a pleasure working with you. Prompt responses and collaborations .A heartfelt thank you.

We would love to collaborate with you the coming year too.

Thank you



Taruna Kapoor 


Ramagya School Dadri


Taruna's class was matched with a class in the:


July 2020

Dear DigiPals


We would like to express our gratitude for our Digipals. It is not only encouraging our students to learn more but also to give them experience how important studying English is. I stated that my students are very happy to know their new friends from Argentina. We do hope that this friendship will increase from time to time by practicing their written English. In other words, I am glad that my students could express what they thought and they felt.. that's the main goal of communication.

As a teacher, I also say thank you for Emma, the great team member who always motivates the teachers to contact each other and to keep in touch.We are so glad if they want to visit us and stay with us in Indonesia during holiday time. Or even for a student exchange🥰.


We are looking forward to hearing from you about the next program at a new academic year. Thank you for all.


Lena Roza

English Teacher 


Lena's class was matched with a class in:


May 2020

This year I started using digipals. I had thought about starting a pen-pals relationship for my ESL class(es) but really didn’t know how to go about it. I wrote under a post on a teacher Facebook page and someone suggested digipals to me. I signed up and not long after I was contacted with a perfect match! In the midst of all of this though, the pandemic had broken out and we were on house lockdown and had improvised remote teaching…I wasn ‘t sure anymore if it was the right time. Well, actually it ended up being perfect! The kids were excited about something and we just had to adjust how to go about the exchange with the other teacher and we’re rolling! I was encouraged and signed up for another class and that one is going on well too! I strongly recommend using this service, it’s fast, efficient and they help you all along!

Thank you!


Katrina Tripoli

English Teacher


Katrina's classes were matched with classes in:

USA and Malaysia

July 2020

Keeping in touch, especially in this worldwide challenging moment, digipals has been a tool and a bridge to engage my students and push them to talk, and to understand that learning another language is important in order to meet, understand and get to know about other cultures and countries around the world. It's always a grateful scenario to hear my students asking questions and sharing about our country. So, We are really glad to have this amazing platform to connect with each other. 





Laura Camila

English Teacher


Laura's class was matched with a class in:


July 2020

I would like to thank you for connecting our school with Laura's in Bogota,

Columbia. Our dialogue was interesting, we learnt about Israeli and Columbian food, traditions and festivals. The dialogue between our two schools was extremely important during the Corona virus lockdown, we shared mutual experiences and asked relevant questions. 


I hope that in the next school year you will help us again to connect with other schools  as we want to involve a larger group of students in this kind of dialogue. 

I wish you all the best, a healthy and safe summer vacation.


Liti Greenstein 

English Coordinator

Ort Dafna Junior High 

K. Bialik, Israel

Liti's class was matched with a class in:


March 2020

Before DigiPals, I searched for pen pals for my pupils. One of my colleagues suggested me your site, DigiPals. l entered your site and filled the table simply. Then you contacted me in a short time and l appreciate that you found penpals for my students. Thank you.

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English Teacher

Faith Secondary School


Melek's class was matched with a class in the: