Chalkboard with Different Languages

We Match and Connect Classes Worldwide!

To help make meaningful and appropriate connections, we match classes together based on the amount of students in your class and their ages.

Created by educators for educators and anyone else wishing to create a positive impact.

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Get ready to connect, communicate and collaborate!  

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Our Mission: to create more human harmony worldwide. 

Designed by Educators

We believe that the best programs for students are designed by people who have roots in the classroom and experience in the education field.

Based on Research

Our approach is grounded in a range of studies by recognized experts.

Focused on Success

We are focused on supporting teachers in building their students’ global competence and improving their language skills.


As a teacher, I understand the deep desire to make a difference and do whatever it takes to help our students advance whilst providing content that engages, enriches and enlightens them. This is what I hope to accomplish with DigiPals as we all come together, connect our students and help them become global learners and thinkers. In doing so, we can create memorable, authentic experiences, all become more open-minded and learn to love and appreciate the world we live in and the people in it.


I envision a space where teachers come together and collaborate to make a greater impact on their learners, regardless of location and the type of teacher they are. Our goal is to ensure that teachers connect efficiently, effectively and with ease so they can partner together successfully, create positive impacts and human harmony, enabling their students to thrive.

Sophie Nissim

Founder of DigiPals