How to use the DigiPals

Student Roster/Task Log

PLEASE NOTE: This will already be added to your folder once we connect you to your partner teacher.  

This template is a tool to help you keep track of all the students involved and the tasks that have been completed.


This template can be used to help you in the following ways:



List all of your students and pair them up with your partner class's students.  


Task Log

Monitor which tasks have been completed by clicking on the box which will show a tick and signify that the task has been completed. 


Task Submission

Add the link to your student’s work for each task. See the template for an example.

For example, if using Google Docs, go to ‘Share’, then ‘Copy Link’. Next, go to the Student Roster/Task Log and paste the link in the same row as the student’s name and the same column corresponding to the completed task.

Alternatively, if you don't have a link then just leave this blank or write 'See Folder (name)' 


How to use the template...

You and your partner teacher can edit and personalise the template to your classes (e.g. change/delete the students’ names and task links, add/delete rows, etc.)


Add more Columns/Tasks 

To add more columns for more tasks, copy the last two columns (task 10) and paste them into the next two columns. See below:







Holiday Card

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