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Build your child's global competence, social skills and communication skills 
by having them correspond and develop a friendship with another child worldwide.

Pen Pals DigiPals

What is a DigiPal? 

DigiPals is based on the very popular and amazing concept called Pen Pals. A pen pal is a person with whom one becomes friendly by exchanging letters, especially someone in a foreign country whom one has never met.


Technology advancements make pen pals more accessible than ever before as they allow us to connect with people from all around the world with efficiency and ease. Additionally, people can now further their communication and knowledge by collaborating on projects and other technological activities. 


Due to this, we developed DigiPals - the digital friendly version of pen pals. We are the gateway to not just finding your child a DigiPal, but also a platform that:

- Allows you, the parent or tutor, to communicate directly with the other child's parent or tutor,

- Recommends you activities that the children can do together,

- Provides your child with templates for corresponding,

- Enables you to share your child's letters/work with the other child's parent or tutor,

- Gives you information and support to make this as easy and positive as possible,

- is 100% safe and secure

DigiPals is For:

DigiPals equals globally competent stduents

Helping learners become global citizens

By learning and collaborating with learners of other cultures, they will enhance their skills, values and attitudes, and behaviours which will prepare them to navigate and thrive in a more diverse, interconnected world.

DigiPals builds empathy, compassion and mutual respect

Building empathy, compassion and mutual respect

By learning about where others are from, their stories and their lives, they will grow empathy, compassion and mutual respect for one another.

DigiPals encourages kindness and understanding

Encouraging kindness and understanding

Once they become aware and understand more about others, they will become more open-mided, judge less and be kinder.

DigiPals develops social skills

Developing social skills

As learners interact, communicate and collaborate with one another, they will feel an increased comfort level as well as become more competent.

DigiPals supports multicultural awareness and diversity

Supporting multicultural awareness and diversity

By learners communicating with someone of a culture different to their own, they will gain the ability to understand and appreciate the history, life experiences and beliefs of diverse groups of people. Inevitably, greater cultural awareness supports a better community.

DigiPals helps students practice language skills

Practicing language skills

 All learners can practice their language skills as they correspond  with one another. It’s also possible to carry out a language exchange if both classes are learning each other’s native language.

DigiPals is used as a resource for the following:

Global Learning

Digital Citizenship



Soft Skills





Equality, Diversity, Inclusion

Language Exchanging

Keeping Students Safe

Teachers can monitor all student interactions.

All teachers, classes and schools are verified.

All data is secure and encrypted.







What Teachers Say About Us

"As a teacher, my goal has always been to provide a learning environment for my students that is engaging, based on inquiry, and authentic.  If I can extend that learning beyond the walls of my classroom, that is even better.  DigiPals has provided opportunities that allow me to provide educational experiences for my students that hits the mark in all areas. 


The people at DigiPals are kind and friendly and in frequent communication with me.  It feels like I am communicating with a friend.  They understand the urgency of matching people together and work very hard to find the right teachers to work together.  They have gone above and beyond to provide this amazing experience for my students and me."


Andrea Weikum,

6th Grade English,

Horizon Middle School

Bismarck, ND, USA

DigiPals supports love and kindness

Love Always Wins

Let’s help expose the learners of today - the leaders of tomorrow, to others around the world to help create and promote kindness, warmth, openness, awareness, togetherness, pride, peace and long-lasting friendships.

We have the power to join together, create

global thinkers and learners

and show them the love that exists in our world, ultimately assisting in more

human harmony.

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